Potential Project Description for 2009-10


Title: Effect of Pitch Count
Domain Expert: Matt Richey, MSCS

Major League Baseball managers are obsessed with pitch count--the total number of pitches thrown by a pitcher. Part of the reason is a belief that a pitcher starts to loose effectiveness after say, 100, pitches. This project will investigate if there is merit to this belief. Using a database consisting of all pitches thrown in the majors over the last 3 years, we will look at variables such as velocity, location, outcome, even the amount of break to see if there are any statistically significant indicators of declining pitching performance as a function of the number of pitches thrown. Background required for this project includes experience with R (or an equivalent high-level statistical language), an interest in baseball, and at least STAT 272. Contact: Professor Richey (richeym@stolaf.edu).