Potential Project Description for 2013-14


Title: Statistical Applications in Exercise Science
Domain Expert: Cindy Book (Exercise Science)

Students in the exercise science senior seminar class choose a research topic early in the fall semester. CIR students will advise and guide students in the design of a study and data collection procedure. By the end of the first semester, the exercise science students will have written an abstract, introduction, review of the literature, and a proposed methodology. Typically, three or four seniors continue with their projects (i.e., collect data) in order to achieve departmental distinction by the end of spring semester. CIR students will continue to advise students and in some cases participate in data collection. Together the exercise science students and the CIR fellows will be involved in the data analysis during interim and spring for those moving toward distinction. We are excited about the possibility of getting much more from our studies with the collaboration of the statistics students.