Potential Project Description for 2011-12


Title: Men in nursing
Domain Expert: Neil MacNaughton (Nursing)

It is important to understand the historical context in which men in nursing have practiced in the past 100-150 years as it is often overlooked or not mentioned (Bernard Hodes Group 2005). Men have been in the nursing profession for centuries (Evans 1997; Evans 2002; Evans 2004) For example in 1860 men, alongside women, volunteered as nurses during the American Civil War and in 1886 the first School for Male Nurses was established in connection with New York City Training School for Nurses. Two years later in 1888, Mills College of Nursing was established in New York, the first nursing college for males. Between the years1898-1928 at least six more male nursing schools established were established in the United States (Mackintosh 1997; Evans 2001; Evans 2004).

The project I am interested in examining is what are the current statistics related to men in nursing and possibly doing a comparison study examining men in nursing here in MN compared to men in Hawaii (there is thought to be a larger percentage of men in nursing there). This project will involve data mining to determine the numbers present and the demographics concerning them. Additionally, if we are able to obtain lists with names and addresses of individuals we would develop a survey. I believe we would find a higher percentage of men in nursing in Hawaii due to more cultural acceptance for men to be in caring professions there.