Potential Project Description for 2012-13


Title: The Role of Metacognitive Assignments in Introductory Biology Courses
Domain Expert: Diane Angell (Biology)

Many entering biology students comment that they thought they had studied well and understood the material, but then do not do well on exams. This mismatch between how students expect to perform and how they actually perform suggests these students have trouble self-assessing and therefore may not have the metacognitive skills that other students seem to have developed. Research shows that metacognitive skills are important predictors of academic success, that lower scoring students tend to be less metacognitive, but that students can learn to be more metacognitive. Our metacognitive research project has involved two different introductory biology classes each of which has been taught several different times by different faculty. Each class was divided in half, with specific metacognitive assignments created for one half of the class and slightly different assignments created for the other half. Exam scores as well as responses to metacognitive surveys will be examined.