Potential Project Description for 2013-14


Title: Modeling, College Admissions, and Enrollment Prediction
Domain Expert: Admission Staff

Accurately forecasting student interest, their propensity to apply and finally yield (the percentage of admitted applicants who enroll) is an important yet challenging part of a college’s admissions process. Having reliable models helps a college decide where to focus important recruitment dollars, determine the number of applications to expect for the yearly cycle and most importantly optimal number and composition of students to admit.

The St. Olaf Office of Admissions is interested in evaluating and potentially improving its current yield models. The recruitment and matriculation behavior of students at St. Olaf will vary by individual, but a healthy amount of data is available for each student– from test scores to extracurricular activities to high school attended to financial aid and much more – that can be used to create a yield model. Data on enrolled students can also be used to determine predictors of success in a student’s first semester at St. Olaf.