Potential Project Description for 2010-11


Title: Statistical Applications in Social Science Research
Domain Expert: Ryan Sheppard, Sociology

Each year, students in SOAN 371 (Foundations of Social Science Research) conduct a random-sample survey of several hundred St. Olaf students on a topic of general interest, analyze the data, and present their results in various forums. CIR Fellows would serve as consultants to research groups from SOAN 371, assisting in data analysis and learning the consultant role. Recent years’ topics have included student satisfaction, use of electronic communication, and close relationships. This coming year, we will again analyze survey data from St. Olaf College students. Topic options include health and substance use, social/political values and their impact on students’ lives, and social networks. Past CIR Fellows have joined us to present research at a professional conference and would be invited to do so again.