Potential Project Description for 2011-12


Title: The effect of managerial intervention (i.e. coaches’ timeouts) in college volleyball: do they really help?
Domain Expert: Cindy Book (Exercise Science)

In collaboration with researchers from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and the School of Physical Education, Sport, and Exercise Science at Ball State University, we wish to determine if there is evidence that coaches’ timeouts in college volleyball are helpful. We have assembled a data set consisting of the play-by-play from all games from NCAA tournaments in Divisions I, II, and III over the past several years. We hope to learn when timeouts tend to get called, whether timeouts are helpful in general, when calling timeout is most effective, whether there are differences among teams in the effectiveness of timeouts, etc. Of course, first we must determine what would qualify as a “successful” timeout. In addition to informing coaches, these analyses have potential to say something more generally about perceived vs. actual effects of manager intervention.