[edit] CIR Undergraduate Fellow Description


[edit] Overview

CIR Undergraduate Fellows will be engaged in a variety of activities which will provide training and research skill development, broad exposure to a variety of statistical problems, and an indepth experience with an interdiciplinary research project.

I. Collaborative Research Project

In order to experience statistics in depth, Fellows will participate in a substantive long term research project over the course of at least one year as a member of an Interdiciplinary Research Team (IRT). Each member of the IRT will develop a thorough understanding of the subject area research question through study and regular meetings with the subject area and statistics faculty mentors. Each IRT will present their findings in the form of a poster,paper, or oral presentation.

II. Short Term Consultation

In order to be exposed to the breadth and variety of problems statisticians encounter, Fellows will staff the CIR at least one hour per week to answer inquiries related to short term statistical computing and data analysis questions of faculty or students.

III. Student Seminar Participation

Fellows will attend a weekly seminar designed to create community, develop research skills, and provide a forum for discussing ongoing research in different subject areas. In addition, Fellows will learn about graduate training and careers in statistics.

Continuation as a Fellow is contingent upon satisfactory progress toward a statistics concentration and active participation in Fellow activities. Fellows receive 0.5 credit per semester through Stat 390: Statistical Research.

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