Projects for 2005-06


Titles: Quantitative Analysis of Admission Trends
Faculty: Jeffrey Allen, Admissions, Christine Kohnen, Statistics
CIR Researchers: Kelly McConville,Kirsten Eilertson, Elizabeth Quin

Title: Alcohol Place Conditioning Studies in Mice
Faculty: Shelly Dickinson, Psychology, Jerry Ericksen
CIR Researchers: Megan Singel, Ben Tucker, Molly Wingader

Title: Adolescent Mothers and Infants in a School-based Intervention Program
Faculty: Dana Gross, Psychology, Paul Roback, Statistics
CIR Researchers: Molly Tuerk, Anne Malaktaris, Katie Schaefer

Title: Moral Schemas Scale
Faculty: Charles Huff, Psychology
CIR Researchers: Kathleen Kephart, Steff Halberstadt and Colin Colby

Title: Broadening Statistical Analysis in Sociolinguistics
Faculty: Rika Ito, Asian Studies and Linguistics Concentration
CIR Researchers: Haley Hedlin, Stacey Wood

Title: Statistics as a tool to further Tuberculosis Genome Research
Faculty: Rob Rutherford, Biology
CIR researchers: Doug Baumann, Joel Beard, Kristin Henry

Title: Baseball and Statistics
Faculty: Matt Richey, Statistics
CIR Researchers: Danny Szydlo, Mark Holland

Title: Modeling Bird Nesting: Bluebirds and Tundra Swans
Faculty:Gene Bakko, Biology, Nicole Hoft, Math Biology
CIR Researchers:Allan Trapp, Kezia Manlove, Phil Schulte