Projects for 2006-07


Title: U.S. Farm Subsidies and Developing Countries
Faculty: Beckie Judge, Economics
Helpful background:

Title: Emotional (Dys)regulation and Psychopathology
Faculty: Jumi Hayaki, Psychology
Helpful background:

Title: Statistics as a tool to further Tuberculosis Genome Research
Faculty: Rob Rutherford, Biology
Helpful background: Statistics 212, interests in biology and/or computer science would all be helpful, but are not required.

Title:Following the Money: An Analysis of Current Issues in Financial Aid
Staff: Kathy Ruby, Director of Financial Aid
Helpful background: Completion of Statistics 272 or current enrollment.

Title: Moral Schemas Scale
Faculty: Charles Huff, Psychology
Helpful background: Stat 272

Titles: Quantitative Issues in Cell Biology & Statistical Design for Island Biology
Faculty: Eric Cole, Biology
Helpful background:

Title: Biostatistical Methods in Global Health
Faculty: Julie Legler, Statistics and others
Helpful background: Going on the Geneva Interim.