Projects for 2008-09


Title: Curriculum-Based Measurement Longitudinal Research with Elementary School English Language Learners
Faculty: Heather Campbell, Education
Helpful Background: Stat 316 Multileveling Modeling

Title: Comparing two scaly pearl oyster populations: Are differences in life history strategies evolutionary or physiological responses to environmental stress?
Faculty: Eric Cole, Biology

Title: Natal homing as a factor in sex ratios in freshwater turtle populations
Faculty: Steve Freedberg, Biology

Title: Good Computing: life stories of moral exemplars in the computing profession
Faculty: Chuck Huff, Psychology

Title: Statistics as a tool to further Tuberculosis Genome Research
Faculty: Rob Rutherford, Biology
Helpful background: Statistics 212, interests in biology and/or computer science would all be helpful, but are not required.

Title: World Health Organization
Faculty: James Scott, Statistics

Title:Impacts of Electronic Communication Technology on Human Interaction
Faculty: Ryan Sheppard, Sociology

Maybe next year...

Title: Statistical Applications in Exercise Science
Faculty: Cindy Book, Exercise Science

Title: Environmental Studies
Faculty: Charles Umbanhauer, Environmental Studies

Title: Human Rights: Responsibility to Protect
Faculty: Tony Lott, Political Science

Title: Assessing Critical Thinking
Faculty: Robert McClure, Education

Title:Family Studies: Human Sexuality Survey
Faculty: Sharon Powell, Family Science

Title: Surveys of Student Engagement
Faculty: Mary M. Walczak, Evaluation and Assessment

Title: Placement Exam Data Analysis
Faculty: Mary M. Walczak, Evaluation and Assessment

Several additional projects are anticipated and will be added as the information becomes available.