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Julie Legler

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Above are some of many amazing statistics students
here at St. Olaf. This group is from '07-08.


Stat 212 Statistics for Sciences (F11 semester)

Stat 110 Principles of Statistics
Stat 212 Statistics for the Sciences
Stat 272 Statistical Modeling
Stat 285 Biostatistics with Applications in Global Health
Math 262 Probability Theory
Math 312 Mathematical Statistics
(now Stat 322 Statistical Theory)
Stat 316 Advanced Statistical Modeling
Stat 322 Statistical Theory

To learn more about the statistics concentration,
stop by and chat with a statistics professor,
Declare a concentration at the Registrar's and complete this form Stat Concentration Form.

CIR Check out the Center for Interdisciplinary Research, a unique opportunity for statistics students.

Summer Opportunities in Statistics
St. Olaf
NIH Summer Internship
UC Berkeley Summer Program
NCState Summer Program
Hope College
WHO Internships
Mayo Clinic Interns in Biostatistics
Summer Opportunities in Biostat
Homeland Security Internship
ASA Internships for Undergraduates

Biostatistics in Geneva


Statistical Computing Sites