The Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science is brimming with activity in three vital disciplines: Mathematics; Statistics; and Computer Science. These fields can team up with almost any other discipline or interest---and also align well with many careers. Check us out!


[edit] Tailgating Extravaganza!!

This year's annual Tailgating Extravaganza will be on Tuesday, October 1. What is this extravaganza, you ask? It's a multimedia, multi-event, feast of information, entertainment, education, and actual food. You can come for all of it, or part of it. We'll have information tables outside Regents 150 beginning at 3:30pm, an entertaining and educational colloquium in RNS 150 4:30-5:30pm, and a cookout 5:30pm-??.

If you plan to eat dinner with us (brats, dogs, beans, slaw, chips, brownies, etc.), please sign up here.